LANDOLT CUP - International Cup - Yverdon-les-Bains

Landolt Cup 2023, 6th-9th September

European top teams !

After the great success of the 2022 edition under the new 6-team formula, we are already looking forward to the next edition.
This time the field is very strong, with teams from 6 different nations!

The winner of the last Champions League, Telekom Baskets Bonn, who are also runners-up in Germany.

The winner of the 2019 Landolt Cup, Telenet Giants Antwerp, runners-up in Belgium and winners of the 2023 Cup. They were also 3rd in the 2019 Champions League.

Donar Groningen, Dutch 2023 runners-up and 7x champions and cup winners.

KB Prishtina, 14x champions and 15x winners of the Kosovo cup as well as 2x champions of the Balkan league.

Givova Scafati from Italy, winner of the Landolt Cup 2022.

Fribourg Olympic, the reigning Swiss champions and 21x champions and winners of the cup on 11 occasions.

Our 6 teams will be divided into 2 qualification groups, the "Mercier" group and the "Tissières" group. Each team will play 2 matches in their respective group, then a 3rd for the classification finals.

The qualifying matches will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The finals on Saturday

The teams


Telenet Giants AntwerpTelekom Baskets Bonn 
KB PrishtinaDonar Groningen 
Fribourg OlympicGivova Scafati Basket 

André Mercier and Michel Tissières are people who have worked for a long time for the good development of the USY Basketball. André was for more than 10 years president of the club and was one of the pillars who started the tournament in 1974.
Michel Tissières was an exceptional coach for many years. Recognized for having trained players who became professionals as for example the Louissaint siblings.
André and Michel are honorary members of the USY Basketball club and consequently, it was important for us to associate them with the Landolt Cup.

André  Mercier
André Mercier
Michel Tissières
Michel Tissières

Program of the qualification games

Wednesday September 6th at 6pmat 8.45pm
Fribourg Olympic 81 - 78 Telenet Giants AntwerpTelekom Baskets Bonn 80 - 72 Donar Groningen
Thursday September 7th at 6pmat 8.45pm
KB Prishtina 76 - 100 Fribourg OlympicGivova Scafati 72 - 87 Telekom Baskets Bonn
Friday 8th September at 6pmat 8.45pm
Telenet Giants Antwerp 89 - 78 KB PrishtinaDonar Groningen 51 - 96 Givova Scafati Basket

Schedule of Saturday September 9th

Final 5-6th place
KB Prishtina 69 - 91 Donar Groningen

3 points shooting contest
Florian Koch with 18 points

Final 3-4th place
Givova Scafati 85 - 55 Telenet Giants Antwerp

Final 1-2nd place
Fribourg Olympic 70 - 86 Telekom Baskets Bonn

Team photos

Telekom Baskets Bonn


Telenet Giants Antwerp


Standing left to right
Head coach Ivica Skelin (HRV)
Kinesist Koen Embrechts (BEL)
12 Seppe Willems (BEL)
11 Justice Sueing (USA)
34 Jackson Rocky Kreuser (USA)
33 Absjorn Midtgaard (DEN)
13 Yoeri Schoepen (BEL)
14 Roby Rogiers (BEL)
Assitant coach Guy Muya (BEL)
General Manager Eddy Faus

Sitting left to right
29 Jean-Marc Mwema (BEL)
3 Salim Kediambiko (BEL)
45 Rasir Bolton (USA)
1 Feie Tallir (BEL)
8 Joe Van Buggenhout (BEL)
9 Vince Van Cleemput (BEL)
2 Keevan Veinot (CDN)

Donar Groningen


2 Justinas Ramanauskas (LIT)
5 Lars Jung (NL)
6 Karolis Babusis (LIT)
14 David Gabrovsek (SLO)
19 Sander Hollanders (NL)
21 Sam van Oostrum (NL)
32 Kjeld Zuidema (NL)
44 Dakota Quinn (USA)
11Theo John (USA)
12 John Meeks (USA)

Andrej Stimac-Head coach (CRO)
Stefan Hendriks-Assistant coach
Hans Besselink-Team Manager

Givova Scafati Basket


Standing left to right
12 Kruize Pinkins (USA)
23 Demetre Rivers (USA)
25 Giovanni Pini (ITA)
24 Jack Nunge (USA)
13 Quirino De Laurentiis (ITA)
5 Alessandro Gentile (ITA)
10 Aristide Mouaha (ITA)

Sitting left to right
Marco Ciarpella (ITA)
15 Otis Reale (ITA)
22 Gerald Robinson (ITA)
Head coach Stefano Sacripanti (ITA)
18 Riccardo Rossato (ITA)
4 Jaziec Lottie (USA)
Massimo Costagliola (ITA

KB Prishtina


From left to right

Strength and Conditioning Coach Ugnius SAVICKAS (LIT)
{23 Muhamedali JANJEVA (KOS)
8 Alban VESELI (KOS)
7 Fisnik RUGOVA (KOS)
11 Dardan BERISHA (KOS)
27 Lejson ZEQIRI (MK)
34 Devoe JOSEPH (CDN)
12 Visar EJUPI (KOS)
3 Derrick WILSON (USA)
Head Coach Zydrunas URBONAS (LIT)


21 Nick WARD (USA)

Fribourg Olympic


Standing left to right (players & coachs)
13 Kilian Martin (SUI)
99 Natan Jurkovitz (SUI)
23 Xavier Green (USA)
14 Cheikh Sane (Sénégal)
Assistant coach Patrick Pembele (SUI)
Head Coach Thibaut Petit (BEL)
Assistant coach Phivos Livatidis (GRE)
Team Manager Pierre-André Tissot

Sitting left to right
20 Arnaud Cotture (SUI)
6 Jonathan Kazadi (SUI)
2 Eric Nottage (USA)
27 ALoïs Leyrolles (SUI)
0 Dylan Ducommun (SUI)
24 Roberto Kovac (SUI)

Diogo Martins et Suman Shakya
Medical Manager
Philippe Currat
Responsable récupération
Mickaël Staebler
Matériel et encadrement
Frédéric Sapin