LANDOLT CUP - International Cup - Yverdon-les-Bains

Articles of association

Articles of association

1. General provisions

Article 1

The Landolt Cup is an international basketball tournament organized as an association in accordance with article 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. The name Landolt refers to Pierre Landolt, founder of the Union Sportive Yverdonnoise (USY) Basketball, founding member of the Landolt Cup. Its headquarters are in Yverdon-les-Bains. Its goal is to promote basketball through tournaments organized for the elite as well as for the youth in the respect of the Olympic rules. The Landolt Cup has its origin in the national elite tournament organized by the USY Basketball since 1974 and became international in 2018 by taking the name of The Landolt Cup. As the size of the tournament grew, it became necessary to remove this event from the USY Basketball budget in order to create the present association.

Article 2

The Landolt Cup strives to achieve this goal by the following means:

a. By organizing an annual elite and/or youth tournament
b. By collaborating with the various basketball or sports
or sporting bodies that can help in the development and
promotion of these tournaments such as Swiss Olympic,
Swiss Basketball, the Association Vaudoise de Basketball
(AVB) and USY Basketball (founding member).

Article 3

The name "The Landolt Cup" or "Landolt Cup" must appear on all advertising related to the promotion of these events such as social networks, posters, banners, LED screens or other communication media. May also be visible on team shirts during competitions or on other accessories for competitions for example.

2. Members

Article 4

The members of the Landolt Cup are:

a) Active, associations or foundations. The USY Basketball is
the founding member.
b) Sympathizers
c) Honoraries
d Honors

Article 5

Sympathizing members are donors or active supporters. Honorary members are members for twenty years. Honors members are any person who has rendered meritorious services to the Landolt Cup and are either nominated or proposed to the committee.

Article 6

Applications for membership must be made on an ad-hoc form to the Landolt Cup Committee. Applications from young active members (under 16 years of age) must be countersigned by a legal representative and are valid after payment of the fee.

Article 7

The duties of the members of the Landolt Cup are: participation in the events (tournaments), general assemblies and other events (support gala) organized by the association, payment of an annual fee set by the assembly, and respect for the smooth running of the activities as well as keeping the facilities and equipment in good condition.

Article 8

The membership fee must be paid at the beginning of each year. For late payers, a reminder will be sent with an additional fee of Fr. 20. The invoice for the membership fee can be sent by mail or e-mail.

Article 9

Resignations are sent by letter or e-mail to the Committee of the association, and these are taken into account if the members are in order in any respect with the association. Resignations must be sent by November 30 at the latest to be valid on December 31.

Article 10

The committee of the Landolt Cup can suspend, fine or boycott any member who has not strictly fulfilled his financial obligations, who has shown serious indiscipline and who by his attitude harms the society.
Any fine, maximum 100 (one hundred) francs, must be paid within one month, from the date of notification of the decision to the person concerned. The suspension is pronounced for an indefinite time.
On the proposal of the Committee, the General Assembly may decide by a majority of the members present to exclude a member who has seriously failed in his duties as a member and who, by any act whatsoever, has damaged the interests and reputation of the company. Its decision is final, and any recourse to the courts is excluded.
Exclusion does not release the expelled member from his outstanding financial obligations up to the time of expulsion, which will be notified in writing, with or without giving a reason. The scope of the member's obligations may not extend beyond three years.

3. The organs of the Landolt gi Cup

Article 11

The organs of the Landolt Cup are:

a) The general assembly
b) The committee
c) The auditors

3 a) The general assembly

Article 12

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Landolt Cup and is composed of all members aged 16 years or their legal representatives for those under 16 years. Its powers are: to adopt the minutes, to discuss and adopt the activity reports, to approve the accounts and the budget, to fix the membership fees, to elect the members of the committee and the auditors, to discuss and vote on proposals, to amend the statutes. In order to be considered, proposals from members must reach the Committee in writing at least ten days before the General Assembly.

Article 13

Elections and votes are held by a show of hands. A secret ballot may be requested either by a member of the Committee or by three members present, for a specific ballot.

Article 14

Elections are made by an absolute majority of the members present in the first round, by a relative majority in the second. Decisions are made by relative majority, the president only votes in case of a tie.

Article 15

The ordinary General Assembly is convened once a year, during the first quarter of the following year. The letter of convocation, together with the agenda, must be sent three weeks before the G.A. The convocation can be sent by post or by e-mail.

Article 16

An extraordinary meeting may be convened by the Committee either on its own initiative or at the request of one fifth of the members. The invitation with the agenda must reach the members at least one week before the extraordinary general assembly. The extraordinary General Assembly may only deal with the agenda. The convocation can be sent by mail or by e-mail.

Article 17

The dissolution of the Landolt Cup can only be decided at an extraordinary general meeting with this sole object on the agenda. At least half of the active members of the association must be present; if this is not the case, a second meeting will be convened within a minimum of ten days. It will be able to deliberate regardless of the number of members present. In both cases, the dissolution can only be taken by a 2/3 majority of the members present.
In case of dissolution, the assets will be given to the founding association USY Basketball. If this association does not exist anymore, the payment will be allocated to one or more institutions of public interest.

3 b) The Committee

Article 18

The Landolt Cup Committee consists of at least five members, including a president, a vice-president, an administrative manager, a financial manager and a member whose function is defined according to the needs of the association. The members of the Committee are elected for a period of one year, their mandate is renewable. In the event of resignation, they shall remain in office until the next General Assembly. In the event of incapacity, the President shall be represented by the Vice-President. If the Committee deems it necessary, it may appoint referees.
The Committee meets at least 4x per season.

Article 19

The duties of the Committee are: to execute the decisions of the General Assembly and the provisions of the statutes, to convene the General Assembly and to set the agenda, to supervise the membership files, to establish and supervise the respect of the budget, to represent the association.

Article 20

The Committee commits the association by the signature of two of its members, one of whom is the president or vice president.

3 c) The auditors

Article 21

The auditors' commission is composed of three members of the section elected by the ordinary G.A., they are not eligible for re-election for more than three years consecutively. They must not be members of the committee. The auditors shall examine the various books of account and report to the G.A.

4. Resources and accounts

Article 22

The resources of the Landolt Cup are :

a) Membership fees
b) Donations from supporters.
c) Income from various events.
d) Partnerships and sponsoring
e) Various grants

Article 23

The Landolt Cup assumes the following expenses:

a) The purchase and maintenance of equipment.
b) The costs of organizing the logistics of the tournaments.
c) The cost of accommodation and board for the invited teams
guest teams, according to the budget.

Article 24

The profits of the association may be used to build up working capital and/or to distribute as donations to the founding association USY Basketball.

5. Amendments or revision of the statutes

Article 25

Any modification of the statutes must be put on the agenda of an ordinary or extraordinary general assembly; the modified text is given to the members with the convocation of the general assembly during which it will be discussed. The complete revision of the statutes will be entrusted to a special commission which will report to an extraordinary G.A. The revised text will be made available to the members two weeks before the meeting in question. The amendments or revision will be adopted if at least two thirds of the members present accept them.

All members must comply with these statutes.
The present articles of association were adopted by the constitutive general assembly of 22.2.22